rodentThere will always be times when we encounter an animal or even a rodent in some cases, that become an unwelcome guest in our homes, offices or businesses. In these instances, that getting rid of the rodent is something we often want done fast and efficiently, but also humanely. Naturally, you can’t just pick up a mouse or rat yourself without running the risk of getting bitten or scratched, and most people don’t just carry around traps for rodents.

Therefore, we recommend using a human rat removal trap or squirrel removal atlanta service that is offered in the area. There are a few great ways in which you can remove a rat or mouse from your home or other location without causing it harm and without getting yourself injured. If you’re not one to spend the money on someone such as animal control, then consider visiting your local store and looking at the traps. While there are a few humane traps that will allow the rodent to be tricked into getting inside the device and then safely being transported and released elsewhere.

The traps usually work by having a small plastic box with a clear top, and holes on either end of it. The trap is then baited with some of the rodent’s favorite goodies, which tricks it into entering through one of the holes. From there, the rodent is going to trigger a spring trap with its body weight, which will, in turn, flip it inside the plastic box safely. In many cases, you won’t even notice the mouse in the trap as it’s silent, but you may hear squeaks from the mouse to indicate that he’s inside and has been tricked.

You’ll be able to then safely pick up the rodent’s trap and take it to the desired location in which you’ll be able to release it. Simply slide the clear plastic top back and lay it sideways on the ground and the rodent will be able to go free. This is just one of many traps that are available to consumers who want to get rid of a rodent without hurting or killing it. While these are great for in home use, for a larger rodent issue you might want to consider going with a different type of trap that is safe and won’t harm the rodent, or ask a professional about other alternatives to these traps.


While rats can be scary, there not all that bad when you learn more about then. Why is it people want them removed from their homes and work so bad? Anywhere that food is being served, you really don’t want animals there. Rats will get into the food, and leave behind droppings which can make you sick if left uncleaned. More so, rats are notorious for chewing through things and if you’re a large food source, they’ll bring more with them.

This is one of many reasons why you need to deal with a rat issue both safely and without harming them when you encounter them in a business. Much like mice, rats will chew through wires, insulation and other things in homes and buildings which can cause major fire hazards and safety hazards for home and business owners. You’ve seen a rat and want to know how to remove it humanely? Perhaps spending money on traps that may or may not work isn’t your idea of fun. That’s alright, as there are other alternatives that can be used without harming the rat.