ratAs rats are notorious for chewing on cables and things in general, you may notice some property damages. This could include noting that wires have been either chewed on or chewed through. If the rat has made it inside the walls, you might take note that there are holes in the wall or an entry point in which the rat may have made bigger or gained access too. Rats are notorious for consuming things like flour, so if you happen to notice flour rat tracks then you’ll likely know the source too.

There have been many cases when a wife goes into the pantry to fix something for lunch and dinner and takes note that the rat has chewed through various boxes and containers. Unless the food comes in a can or jar, then the rat is likely to chew through food packaging and eating whatever it comes across. Rats aren’t very picky so they’ll eat just about anything which is unfortunate because it means they’ll also bring more with them to share the food source. For this reason, it’s highly recommended moving food to a much more secure place that the rats can’t chew through, this includes animal food as well.

At some point, you’ll likely catch a glimpse (or two) of the rat and that will be a dead giveaway. While they often quite sneaky and don’t like to be seen, it’s not uncommon to see one in your home. Depending on the severity of the rat infestation you may even hear the rats in the walls as they move about. This is more common when the rats are in the walls or have taken up living quarters in the attic. One of your best friends will become disinfectant materials as you try to remove the rats from the premises. This might seem a little bit weird, but trust us on this one.

ratMost people want to vacuum up or wipe up the rat droppings right away and while it may seem like a good idea, it’s probably not. At this point you’ll likely stir up more that you may have missed which makes things worse. The best thing you can do is first grab you some sanitizer wipes. Using them to clean up the rat’s mess is a great start because it’s not only disinfecting the area, but removing the waste as well. You’ll want to open your windows and doors if the weather permits it to air out the home or business. From there, you can begin to spray Lysol around to remove the odor that often comes with having rats living as unwanted guests on your property. As far as floors go, if they’re hardwood or tile you can clean them with disinfectant or bleach. When it comes to places with carpet, steam cleaning them after vacuuming is the best solution. You may want to spray all rooms with a disinfectant spray to rid of the smell and sanitize the area.