There are natural repellents that can be used in much the same way that some people use a mothball to keep moths from coming in and eating their clothes. The repellents are safe as they’re not consumed. Typically, it just is a strong smell that rats and mice don’t like and steers them away from places you don’t want them to be. Unfortunately, as far as repellents go, these are the only type on the market. Many studies have proven that rats, as well as mice, aren’t repelled to easily from places with these traditional methods and thus you may have to choose another route. There are ways you can make a place unappealing for a rat and thus prevent them from wanting to make a home there.


For one thing, it’s important you don’t leave trash lying around especially close to the house or business as that will naturally lure them in. Secondly, any time you notice there are holes of any kind try and have them patched immediately as they’ll use them as easy access into your home or building. Any time you know of a hole or gap whether it’s in a wall, vent, or installation and it’s big enough for their body to fix, try and patch it immediately.

Perhaps rather than taking care of the rat issue yourself, you’ve considered hiring a company to do it for you. This is okay as there are companies out there that can help safely remove a rat without having to use poisons, harmful traps or killing them. While it may require some calling around, it’s something that is possible. First and foremost, they’ll likely want to spray around the house, business and inside wherever the problem is.

ratMuch like repellents that are mentioned earlier they’re both safe for rats, but also for pets, and those with children. They simply spray the non-toxic chemical around and the smell will drive the rats away from entering although won’t really do much for those inside already. The company will likely inspect the home to check for openings in which the rats likely got inside and recommend fixes to the issue. If you have pets, consider picking up their dog food as rats will feast on animal food just as well as they will trash or anything else they can sink their teeth into.

There are some companies that set up a simple device in the walls which can drive out rats who may have gotten in the wall. The noise operates on a frequency that only their ears can pick up and when activated, will drive them from the home. This is a simple method that doesn’t involve a whole lot and can be quickly and easily installed. Best of all, this method doesn’t harm the rats at all, just bothers their ears enough that make them want to flee from the sound. Similar methods have been used on homes that have issues with cockroaches to drive them out and has worked well.